Motamox 250

1 Vial + 1 Water Amp I.V. / I.M. Each Vial contain : Amoxicillin sodium 250 mg
Motamox injections are used to treat conditions caused by microbial infections or sensitive bacteria
To amoxicillin.
Respiratory infections with amoxicillin-sensitive bacteria such as:
1. Sinus infections.
2. Otitis media.
3. tonsillitis.
4. pharyngitis.
5. Laryngitis.
6. Acute and chronic bronchitis (acute or chronic bronchitis)
7. pneumonia.
8. Accumulation of pus in the lung (abscess of the lung(.
9. Whooping cough.

Urinary and genital tract infections with amoxicillin-sensitive bacteria such as:
1. Acute and chronic nephritis.
2. pelvic inflammation of the kidneys.
3. Prostatitis.
4. epididymitis (epididymis is a tube connected to the testicles in males) .
5. Cystitis.
6. ureteritis.
7. When the appearance of bacteria in the urine during pregnancy.
Infections of the female reproductive system with bacteria sensitive to amoxicillin such as:
1. Inflammation caused by abortion.
2. inflammation of the ovaries.
3. inflammation of the fallopian tubes (tubes that connect the ovary to the uterus)
4. Endometritis.